Our team of artists and neighbors began the Home Court project by interviewing over 50 community players, coaches, parents, and young people. All winter and spring, we shared stories in living room conversations, story circles and courtside interviews. Musicians Ill Doots and composer Michael McDermott then chose sounds and voices that reflected key themes —play, loss, guardianship, and the courts’ future — and wrote original music to accompany them. Together, they created the Home Court Soundtrack.

The soundtrack carries us through time, swirling together proud memories of the past, clear-eyed meditations on the challenges of the present and youthful declarations to the future. The soundtrack ends with a song written by emcees from the neighborhood in collaboration with Ill Doots, declaring “This is for the next generation.”

This is an abridged version of the album. The full-length album, complete with extra soundscapes and interviews, can be found at soundcloud.com/hartranft.